The Importance of SEO and Website Optimization

The Importance of SEO and Website Optimization

Since the dawn of the age of robust digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Optimization have never been as widespread as they are right now. Regardless, SEO remains to be one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood concepts in the world of digital marketing – in many cases, the value of SEO and Website Optimization have been deteriorated owing to this.

The situation is rather unfortunate since SEO and Web Optimization are viable tools that when done right can bestow a business with more customers and more qualified leads. Furthermore, a number of studies have revealed that SEO has the potential of offering better Return On Investment when compared to the more conventional forms of digital marketing. So, what make it such a big deal?

1. It Builds Trust and Credibility

Websites are great marketing tools and great SEO or Web Optimization can strengthen your brand and make it more recognizable to the public. To put this into perspective, SEO taps into the psychology of users such that when they search for relevant business related keyword and phrases and your website appears at the top, they automatically take it that you are the best. The title of your website and the meta description tags, for instance, send powerful brand-strengthening messages while at the same time assisting in spreading marketing information that is in line with the strategic goals of your business.

2. SEO is Great for Visibility and Branding

While appearing at the top of search engine results and rankings is not necessarily the ultimate goal of your business – get users to click on it is – it does help you build an irrefutable brand. SEO taps into the value of simply appearing in the results for terms that have direct correlation with your business’ website. Greatly implemented SEO and Web Optimization makes it more likely for you to show in all related searches and this goes further on to give you more and more mindshare and recognition with potential customers. At this point, it is extremely likely that they will click on your website since it consistently appeared on all the search results.

3. SEO Is a Measurable Marketing Technique

Marketing has to be cross-checked and monitored to ensure that the progress is being made and that there is a return on investment. Choosing SEO as your marketing strategy not only allows you to effectively monitor various metrics of your websites performance such as traffic and this is what makes SEO such a unique tool. In addition to this, since every element of a SEO and Web Optimization can be measured, evaluated and corrective measure applied where necessary. The return on investment can also be evaluated in both short and long terms then compared to how the website is performing.

4. It is Based on User Intent

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, that are tailored to work by interrupting the audience’s activities with sales pitches, SEO aligns to the intent and interests of searchers. It essentially meets the target audience halfway by presenting relevant and targeted messages that appeals to customers’ interests and needs. This also assists in reputation management which in turn results in the development of a stronger brand. Therefore, SEO effectively generates the highest conversion rates of any targeted digital marketing initiative and this what defines the high return nature of SEO – healthy SEO is often more expensive but it definitely has a long-lasting impact on the target audience and your business.

5. It Optimizes User Experience

In light of everything that we have mentioned and are yet to mention, it is quite clear that, ultimately, is to optimize user experience by making it as friendly and as fast as possible. Search engines are all about providing users with what they are looking for and capitalizing on SEO and Web Optimization makes search engines automatically register you as a top provider. It is as simple as that!

6. SEO Helps You Stay Competitive

Let’s face it. SEO is everywhere and everyone is coming up with new and innovative ways of taking advantage of what it has offer – this includes your competitors. SEO an associated Web Optimization tools helps businesses to use updated benchmarks that are tailored to keep your business on the right track as far as trends and advancements are concerned. Ignoring SEO and Web Optimization allows your competition to out-maneuver you and no one needs to search google to know that this spells doom for your business.

7. Optimal Insight into Your Customers

Once you have all the factors figured on and your website is receiving a considerable amount of traffic, you will need to know more about your clients. SEO further serves as a customer retention tool that works alongside other popular services such as Google Analytics to help you retain your existing customer base and attract more. This is done by knowing the keywords they use, the technology they use, their locations and even the time periods during which they visit your website.


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