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The Effect of Blockchain Technology on Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Blockchain is something a lot of people are now aware of thanks to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise from less than a cent to almost $20,000 per unit captured the imagination of a lot of would-be investors who were keen to capitalise on a new market. It sadly wasn’t to be for many of them,…
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The 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Be Aware of in 2018

Nobody can truly call themselves a digital marketing expert unless they’re willing to learn and adapt. Every single means that can be used for digital marketing – social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example – is constantly evolving and you need to do the same. Techniques that worked a year ago…
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Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy for the Year Ahead

When planning any kind of marketing strategy you need to have clear and defined goals and aims. Digital marketing is no different and you should ensure that your plan for the year ahead is tailored to suit the needs which you have determined. Digital marketing can be presented through so many channels and you need…
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How Using AI in Business Could Benefit You

AI or Artificial Intelligence was once seen as something of a science fiction-based prediction for our future lives, a little bit like flying cars or meals in pill form, but now it has become very much a reality. While AI has been successfully used for many years in performing basic tasks, recent advancements have made…
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Social Marketing Tips to Boost Outreach

Social media and social marketing are the new frontiers for digital marketing specialists and businesses are set to reap the most out of the new venture. Finding the right tools to create and enhance social marketing can be pretty daunting especially because not everyone can implement these tips the right way. Outreach optimization campaigns suffer…
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing has evolved immensely in the past decade but one persistent thing in all this has been the fact the efficacy of any marketing effort relies on how updated your practices are. The latest market trends have always been a key determinant of how successful marketing endeavors are. To create effective marketing strategies, you will…
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